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Kelsie (Artist)

Kelsie has loved art her whole life. She basically grew up with a pencil behind her ear at all times. She took her first big step into the world of digital art in 2021 and fell in love with it. No one can take her Ipad away from her! When I started getting into NFT's I knew she would make the perfect NFT artist! With her flexibility, creativity and passion for all things art she immedietly jumped on board into the NFT world with me.

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Tanya (Dev)

I have always loved coding and all things crypto related and had been dying to get into the space. I had been seeing women run NFT projects all over twitter and decided I would create my own to empower women. I just lacked two of the main components... One of a kind art and social media. So thats when I put together this team. With the help of Kelsie's artistic skills I was able to create a website and discord for our project! Once we had the website and the code finished it was time to start promoting our project!

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Emily (Social Media)

Emily has always been good at talking to people. She cant stop talking 99% of the time! That's why I knew she would be perfect to join our team! With her knowledge of crypto and NFT's mixed with her bubbly and fun personality, she was the last puzzle piece for this project! You can reach out to her on twitter & Instagram.

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